How do I schedule an appointment?  

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How long is the wait for a Walk-In  This is always a tough one to answer but please click the link to see our waitlist in real time.  


Who is the best barber?  We are all licensed professionals.

Can I come in 10 minutes before close?  You can definitely try but you run the risk of us being booked up already and not able to take anymore walk-ins.  We want to service all clients but we also need to get home to our families at a reasonable time.

Are you opening a second location?  We do get pretty busy and probably could expand, but at this time we have no plan to do so.  We enjoy our close knit barber and client family.

Can you do a ______________?  If it fits into the category of barber services and you can explain it or show pictures, we more than likely have someone that can take care of it.  We have over 75 combined years of licensed experience.